who is australia's best programmer?

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  • insights, knowledge, strategy & extensive experience in creating number 1 stations

    Ryan Rathbone, Content Director, Sydney's Mix 106.5
  • a game changer. deep strategic insight: bold, fresh & very effective

    T.E, General Manager / Consultant, Media & Entertainment. Australia
  • the most powerful influence on my media career to date

    Magdalena Roze, Network Ten
  • one of the most compelling media experts I’ve ever worked with

    S.N, Head of Network Programming Department. Australia.
  • insightful and highly skilled at bringing clarity of thought to difficult situations

    Mr M.Cristiano, General Manager, John Holland Group.
  • inspirational. his insight is astounding

    J.S, Hubert Burda Media, Europe
  • what’s so great is your whole approach-we can definitely apply this

    T.Cocker, Global Radio, U.K
  • hiring mbos privately has been beneficial to my career beyond words. genius

    Breakfast Radio Host & Comedian. Sydney. Identity withheld.
  • I continually reference his deep knowledge, experience & strategies

    S.N, Head of Network Programming Department. Australia.
  • coached me to double my income…and not just once, but on two separate occasions

    A.Douglas, Douglas Consulting Group

scott muller and brad march on who & why

Think inside the box. Brilliant basics and exceptional execution.

When we look for lessons from other media in Australia, right now this one is the monster.

The best programmers in Australia right now – by a long shot – are at the Seven Network.

The Seven Network really is in a different league. Yet it would also be easy to write off using Seven as Australia’s preeminent example because they currently have such a strong show lineup. Surely it’s as simple as great shows = great ratings.

Only it’s not that simple.

First, developing that on air schedule took time. Seven’s success is the better part of a decade in the making, and they’re to be applauded for relentlessly pursuing their long-term objective.

But even with such a great show lineup now in place, Seven isn’t resting. What they’re doing to make the most of it is inspiring – and it’s where the lessons are. You only have to pay close attention to see that their success is by design, not by accident.

Here are 10 reasons why they’re the best in Australia.

  1. It’s about The Audience. It’s never about them.
  2. It’s about Attention to Detail.
  3. It’s about Reset! Reset! Reset!
  4. It’s about Recycling.
  5. It’s about Truly Outstanding Creative.
  6. It’s about Brilliant Talent.
  7. It’s about Promoting the Hell Out of It.
  8. It’s about Clear Character Definition – In An Instant!
  9. It’s about Success Breeding Success.
  10. It’s about The Long Term.

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