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  • insights, knowledge, strategy & extensive experience in creating number 1 stations

    Ryan Rathbone, Content Director, Sydney's Mix 106.5
  • a game changer. deep strategic insight: bold, fresh & very effective

    T.E, General Manager / Consultant, Media & Entertainment. Australia
  • the most powerful influence on my media career to date

    Magdalena Roze, Network Ten
  • one of the most compelling media experts I’ve ever worked with

    S.N, Head of Network Programming Department. Australia.
  • insightful and highly skilled at bringing clarity of thought to difficult situations

    Mr M.Cristiano, General Manager, John Holland Group.
  • inspirational. his insight is astounding

    J.S, Hubert Burda Media, Europe
  • what’s so great is your whole approach-we can definitely apply this

    T.Cocker, Global Radio, U.K
  • hiring mbos privately has been beneficial to my career beyond words. genius

    Breakfast Radio Host & Comedian. Sydney. Identity withheld.
  • I continually reference his deep knowledge, experience & strategies

    S.N, Head of Network Programming Department. Australia.
  • coached me to double my income…and not just once, but on two separate occasions

    A.Douglas, Douglas Consulting Group

“the most powerful influence on my career”
Magdalena Roze, Network Ten

“I’m the talent…& I’m outraged!”

(talent criticism of the mbos trial website)

“While celebs should be thinking of them-selves as brands and businesses, I don’t think they do. It could help to explain that mbos can do the job of a manager/agent* but a million times better, with way more integrity, with way better results, and on your terms.

They might not be able to grasp that from the site. Do you know what I mean?

Television Presenter / Identity withheld.

While appreciated, part of that feed-back is misleading. To be clear, mbos does not do the same job as an agent.

mbos works in confidence with media professionals to improve performance and accelerate their careers – profile, marketing, performance, negotiations, and Talent Agent selection/direction:

  • Take control of your career and treat yourself like the media brand and business that you are.
  • Create a clear marketing strategy to accelerate & expand your career.
  • Improve your marketability with effective performance feedback.
  • Significantly improve your negotiation outcomes.

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Who engages mbos?

mbos has attracted clients from Television Presenters, Radio Hosts, Comedians, Journalists, and Authors – to Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Creative & Media Professionals.

For a conversation in the strictest confidence please contact mbos here.

Magdalena Roze, Network Ten:

Scott Muller, Talent Coach and Mentor, has been the most powerful influence on my media career to date. I came to Scott with a long list of career goals and he over-delivered in every way. Your only regret, like mine, will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Scott combines great media experience, enormous commitment and attention to detail in Performance Analysis, Goal Setting and Contract Negotiation – with great honesty, discretion and integrity.

What makes him extremely unique is the skills and experience of a Manager, Coach, Mentor and Negotiator in one, so a Media Professional gains a comprehensive and totally focused approach towards their career. I cannot appraise him highly enough.”

Breakfast Radio Host & Comedian,
(Identity withheld), Sydney:

“Hiring mbos privately has been beneficial to my career beyond words – always above and beyond with professionalism, personal attention and support. Scott’s strategic skills have led me to call him as a Strategic Genius.”

S.N, Head of Network Programming
Department. Australia:

“Scott has been instrumental in my career. He gives you the truth, support and confidence to change your game. I highly recommend Scott for all media and entertainment professionals. You’ll be nothing less than amazed at what can be achieved.”

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